In contrast to the maternal bond, paternal bonds tend to vary over the span of a child's development in terms of both strength and stability. In fact, many children now grow up in fatherless households and do not experience a paternal bond at all. In general, paternal bonding is more dominant later in a child's life after language develops. Fathers may be more influential in play interactions as opposed to nurturance interactions. Father–child bonds also tend to develop with respect to topics such as political views or money, whereas mother–child bonds tend to develop in relation to topics such as religious views or general outlooks on life

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i am the youngest Krishnan. I love to dance, sing, play piano. My friends are terriffic and I love spending time with them...


Well...I am the Sr Krishnan. Music is passion...listening and singing. Get a lot of satisfaction doing charity work as well.  Very active in the social circles in Dallas area.

Three words describe me...Food, Friends and fun...and well..Family too... I follow my dad in terms of being a foodie. Like everyone in our family, I am also into music.